Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Courage for Your Team

Ways to Bring Courage to Your Team
#1: Listen
One of the best things you can do to lead with courage is listen to your team. The more people you lead, the more you must listen. The information our team shares can help us make wise decisions.
I recently heard a quote from someone that said, “The leader surrounded with people he won’t listen to will soon be surrounded by those who have nothing to say.” Wow! If you aren’t getting feedback from your team, perhaps it’s because they’re weary of talking and not being listened to. Leaders who want to preserve the status quo only listen to those who agree with them. If you want to help your team and your organization win, listen. It will pay you tremendous dividends.
#2: Bring Courage Through the Difficult Times
No doubt, your organization experiences good times and bad times. It’s easy to lead with courage when things are good but not so much when things are tough. However, your team and your board are watching to see how you will lead in times of difficulty and challenge.
Years ago, when I was a student pastor, I took a group of teenagers to the beach for camp. I went down early with some of the leadership team to set up for the week. Some of my other leaders stayed behind to bring the students down on the bus. One hour out from the beach, they stopped